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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Farmer's Market

Hi all! So today is a memorable day in history (at least to me); this is going to be my first time in a farmers market. In downtown AG, in the parking lot by the swinging bridge I will be sharing a booth with my friend Kirsten (of Eclair bakery). She will be selling bread, eclairs and cupcakes and I will be selling...

Farmer's Market Menu for Today
Chocolate Croissants
Prosciutto Gruyere Croissants
Morning Buns
Brioche Cinnamon rolls
Millionaire's Granola

Triple Play
Bleeding Hearts
Vegan Almond Sunflower
Pistachio Macarons

Rocky Road Biscotti
Autumnal Maple Biscotti
Caramel Stuffed Brownies

The Farmer's Market starts at 12, and goes to about 2:30. Look for us!!! I hope to see you and give you some samples!

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